Stylized UE4 Landscape

Landscape blending

Mesh bleding into landscape


Stylized UE4 Landscape

Ahead of the Bird House project:
I wanted to create a landscape inside Unreal Engine 4, helping me to learn the Engine and implementing all the tech and shaders that would be needed to create a stylized environment.

My goal was to achieve a 2D/Ghibli-esque look to the grass and shading, meaning that the grass on the landscape is shadeless while the trees and rocks cast shadows. The rocks and flowers are reused from my Library Project.
For the landscape material, I created several layers, which gave me the possibility to paint in the shades of the grass and have 2 dirt variations, with the blending having a painterly look to it as well. Everything makes use of the Runtime Virtual Texturing material set up.
The lighting is very simple: a Skylight, one sunny directional light casting shadows and one cool directional light (no shadows casting) brightening up the shadows.

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