Hippopura Sanctuary

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Hippopura Sanctuary

For my final Thesis Project at university, I decided to create a Real-Time Unreal Engine 4 Environment, applying my knowledge about stylized PBR Game-Environments on a bigger scale. I had the absolute pleasure to work with Jourdan Tuffan's amazing Hippopura Concept! https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Xnnxwa
Big thank you to him for agreeing to let me recreate it in 3D for my thesis.

I applied a lot of new and old techniques to this piece, which made this a great learning experience. I had roughly 2 months time for working on this, which meant I had to stick to a tight schedule.
I went for a mix of trim sheets and tiling textures, while also integrating unique modular pieces, which I was able to mix and match with the tiling textures. All assets and shaders seen in the environment are created by me.

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